Ever wondered how it’s like to live a life where you get to control almost all your gadgets at home because of their built-in smart technology features?

What if almost all your devices at home have this internet and web connect feature? 

Imagine, doorbells that connect to your smartphones, refrigerators with built-in cameras you can connect to your mobile phone for supply checks,

and floor polishing robots doing the cleaning! Everything we thought was impossible is now coming into realization. 
That said, here are five top of the line smart home tech gadgets that will definitely change the meaning of what a comfortable life means.

1. Amazon Alexa

Alexa is now creating a thundering positive review and feedback from all consumers who bought this top-of-the-line virtual assistant manufactured by Amazon Lab126. This AI (artificial intelligence) technology by Amazon boast of its capability for voice interaction and integration, following commands, playing music, and checking the latest weather update. 

Alexa users use a wake-up word such as “Alexa” to initially activate the system and give commands that she then follows. Imagine comfort right within your reach because of Alexa!

2. Arlo Ultra 

This is a one-of-a-kind outdoor camera that is garnering positive reviews recently because of its trendy and practical features that one would really wish to have. It’s actually one of the first outdoor cameras to boast a true 4K video recording and streaming feature. 

On top of that, if you subscribe to Arlo’s product plans, you get to have additional features like automatic zooming, color night vision, integrated spotlight and siren,

911 connectivity, and motion tracking. It’s a perfect add-on to secure your property and your homes.

3. iRobot Roomba S9+ 

This robovac puts cleaning and dusting to a whole new level. This gadget is specifically designed to sweep and dust floors in a wider variety and reach. Because of built-in sensors and cameras,

this little robot would be able to create a layout of your home over time for easy navigation. This device’s strong vacuum force, ability to map a layout of your floor area, and the ability to empty its own dust bin makes it a very essential smart gadget one would want at home.
4.Worx Landroid M 20V 

The Worx Landroid is a game-changer when it comes to mowing your lawns. This cordless robotic lawn mower does not come in cheap, but it does deliver what it is designed for. This is a perfect tool for those green thumb individuals out there! 

It allows the users to multitask because of its built-in GPS and WIFI feature that allows them to connect to it through a mobile application. In addition, this device further allows users to track its productivity and notify if anyone is trying to derail it outside its allowed working proximity.

5.Wyze Scale 

This is not just your ordinary weighing scale. This very smart weighing scale also allows users to keep track of their BMI, body fat percentage, body water percentage,

heart rate, muscle mass, and many more. This handy device allows you to connect to any available smartphone to maximize the use of its features. It’s very handy for those health-conscious consumers!

Overall, there are already a lot of technology smart gadgets released in the market,

and their efficiency depends on the users’ needs. Home automation is exactly the term we are heading through because of these advances. So,

if you wish to have everything within reach and everything connected under just one system, then smart home tech gadgets are best for you!

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